Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Veg Boxes

Three good reasons to try a local veg box:

1. Environmentally friendly: Food miles have a big impact on global warming, so buying food from a mere mile down the road for 6 months of the year is the next best thing to growing it yourself. Plus I'm organic and small scale, there is more biodiversity and wildlife on my small half acre then there is on the next 10 fields.
2. Healthier: The veg is grown for taste not storage and will often have a better nutritional content then supermarket produce. Plus you have to cook it from scratch so there are no hidden sugars or fats.
3. Convenient and money saving: Its delivered to your door every week, so combine that with using your local shops instead of the supermarket and you may find you save a lot of money (because no-one goes into a supermarket and just spends £10 on fruit and veg!!)

How it works: you can tell me what you DONT want in your box, but otherwise you get a selection of whatever is in season roughly up to the values below:

Small Box (single person) £10-13
Medium Box (couple)       £13-15
Large Box (Family)          £15-20
Cheese box (2pieces)        £5

Please don't be afraid to tell me if you have had enough of spinach or whatever for a couple of weeks but I need to know the night before your usual delivery day.

Delivery days are Tuesday or Thursday and its free within a 5 mile radius of Overton-on-Dee. You don't have to be in to receive delivery as long as there is an agreed place to leave it. Alternatively you can pick up from the garden.
Payment can be Cash or Cheque, weekly or monthly.

Pick your own veg box:
If you are local and can spare an hour a week you can exchange gardening work on the site for a veg box. It helps me out, (as I can't quite manage the sheer volume of work on my own) and you get to learn a bit about how to grow your own.
Alternatively if you do grow a bit of your own already and just want a 'top up' from my veg, then I am happy to show you where everything is and arrange a picking time/discount box. (eg: I tend to have some veg earlier then most people can grow in their gardens because of the polytunnels) Please get in touch to sort out details.

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