Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Jams, Chutney and Apple Juice

Jams and Chutney's are all home made and contain nothing but fair trade sugar and our own fruit and vegetables.*
Usually available:
Lemon Cheese, Quince jelly, Grape jelly, Strawberry jam, Raspberry jam, Damson jam, Victoria plum jam, Tomato chutney, Tomato ketchup, Damson chutney, Crab apple jelly & Sweet chilli jelly.

The Apple Juice is from our own Bramley apples, pressed and bottled at Eddisbury Fruit Farm nr chester. Slightly tart and delicious!

Currently available:

Bramley Apple Juice
Tomato ketchup
Raspberry Jam
Strawberry Jam
Blackcurrent Jam
Damson Chutney

All Jars contain approx 320g and are £2.99 on the markets or £2.50 in your veg box.

 *(except the lemon cheese, because I cant grow lemons!)

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